left-right reversal of CNS: Why?

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>Subject: left-right reversal of CNS: Why?
>Date: Tue, 03 Sep 96 12:41:55 GMT

>Why does the CNS have right and left reversed in relation to rest of the body?

  Cajal put forward a very plausible explanation based on the
  fact that images on the retina are left/right inverted. 
  Without the visual and motor decussations it would need peculiar 
  and complicated circuitry to make a movement of one side of the
  body that related to something in the ipsilateral visual field.
  See his "Recollections of my Life" for a concise explanation
  with diagrams.

>Specifically, do any invertebrates show the reversal?

  Yes. This is cited in support of the withdrawal-from-harmful-contacy
  theory. See Sarnat & Netsky: Evolution of the Nervous system.

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