What Effect Would TOTALLY Perfect Memory Have?

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Fri Sep 6 19:55:31 EST 1996

the only "difficulty" that your character "need" experience arises from 
the way in which the relatively-larger database that his "abnormal" 
memory capacities will allow him to analyze things in greater depth than 
folks with "normal" memory can... the "difficulty" that arises from this 
is that the "normal" folks won't be able to follow your character's 
analyses... he will appear to them as some sort of "magician" or 
"sorcerer"... they will be "fearful" of him because they cannot 
understand things that he sees clearly...

...so construct him with a capacity for enduring solitude... 'cause the 
only way he'll ever be able to get done what he can see =needs= doing is 
to just go off by himself and do it...

...makes for a boring story, no...? 

...in the end, give him a decent burial... ken collins

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