Human Pheromones Alter Testosterone Levels

Jim Kohl jkohl at
Sun Sep 8 00:48:09 EST 1996

Evidence that women's pheromones alter the testosterone level of men is 
reported in the current issue of New Scientist (Sep 7). Those who wish to 
read the article may enter a free subscription to the online edition of 
New Scientist via the following URL

Those who want more information about the mammalian neuroendocrine 
sequence that allows human pheromones to activate

_genes_ in GnRH neurosecretory

_cells_ of 

_tissue_ in the brain, an

_organ_ that is part of any

_organ system_ involved in 


thus allowing for the link between social-environmental (nurture) 
chemosensory stimuli and the genetic substrates (nature) of human 
sexuality, via a 5 step pathway: gene-cell-tissue-organ-organ system, may 
wish to see my web-site.

Jim Kohl

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