left-right reversal of CNS: Why?

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Mon Sep 9 17:38:15 EST 1996


>encludes the reticular formation, intralaminar thalamic nuclei, 
>substantia gelatinosa redion

inclueds [...] region

further discussion on:

>...the "inside-out" nature of the crossed system (the "epicritic 
>system" in my work) developed on top of the protophthic architecture, 
>and functions to lift things above the jelly-fish's
>slow-motion-difficulties... the crossed neural architecture minimizes
>conduction latencies =globally=...

also, =importantly=, the addition of the epicritic system transforms the 
older neural architecture... it doesn't just add to it... after the 
development of the epicritic system, the reticular system becomes an 
intimately-integrated "part" of the global system, and it'S (the 
reticular system's) contributions to the functioning of the global 
system are indispensible even with respect to the highest "levels" of 
CNS function... cognition... curiosity, creativity, volition, 
"conscience", etc...

...the reticular system is =not= just "the coelenterata within"... :-) 

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