What Effect Would TOTALLY Perfect Memory Have?

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Mon Sep 9 17:20:30 EST 1996

...such observables, when the realm in which they unfold is Science, 
can, and sometimes =does=, indicate nothing more than a refusal to 
=guess= at the meaning of this or that...

...as is obvious, I'm a bit "amused" by this discussion because I've got 
one of those glom-onto-everything memories... although, I've no trouble 
setting aside stuff that can be analyzed as being genuinely-trivial 
within this or that context, I can usually drag it up when some 
usefulness for it shows itself...

...it's been my experience that folks are, more and more, "commenting 
upon" what they perceive to be my "inability" to respond "appropriately" 
to cues from others...

...that's not it... it's just that, as a Scientist, I can't =guess=... 
if anyone wants to communicate with me, they should do so 
=forthrightly=... because of the significance of the work I've done with 
respect to stuff like the vicious cycle of Child abuse, I long ago 
realized that I "just" had to keep things entirely-forthright... no 
"hidden agendas" exist on my side of things... none will be received 
from the "other" side of things...

...but I've the memory of all such supposed "cues" that have occurred... 
hurts like hell to see that, even though I've given myself so completely 
in loving service to everyone, folks still feel the need to "poke at me 
with 'sticks'"... the "cues" to which I, by choice, do not respond... I 
will respond to folks who say, OK, ken, let's =do= =Science!= ken 

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