left-right reversal of CNS: Why?

kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Mon Sep 9 18:04:56 EST 1996

...BTW, when I was working on this problem back in the late 70s, the way 
I got a handle on it was to draw the neural circuitry on the inside of a 
brown-paper grocery bag, put the bag on my head and walk around my attic 
apartment bumping into things... all the while analyzing the functioning 
of the circuitry I'd diagrammed on the inside of the bag... :-)

...as luck would have it, I was garetted... :-)

...my attic was a garret... low, slanty ceilings and all... so the head 
stuff got a workout, too... :-)

...another serendipitous thing was that, since I'd quit my job to right 
"the paper that would break things open"... I had to use all available 
hours... because I only had about $3k... had to finish the paper in a 

...so I covered the windows in my sleeping area with black construction 
paper... as luck would have it, when I covered the windows, I'd left a 
tiny hole in the corner of one window pane... one day I awoke 
but, in the transition to waking consciousness, I thought I must be 
still dreaming... one of those dreams that one just experiences as being 
so "real"... their were people walking around, and busses, trucks, and 
cars running around on my ceiling...

...but it wasn't a dream... it was just that I was sleeping inside a 
pin-hole camera... and the images from the bright, sunny day on 
the busy street outside my apartment were being projected on my 
ceiling... and they were all upside-down and backward... 

...thereafter, in my attic... I could "become" the retina, or the 
lateral geniculi, or visual cortex... any daylight hours I wanted to... 

...put this together with the brown-paper-bag-stumbling-around analysis 
of the neural circuitry, and everything that I'd been working on for the 
9 years prior just imploded toward Unity... sssssshhhWwoooop! :-)

...I've worked on a shoestring... got a lot of humorous "stories"... ken

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