Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate:The First Sociabilising Molecule(2)

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Mon Sep 9 08:42:07 EST 1996

 Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate:The First Sociabilising Molecule.

The sociabilisers are a novel class of molecules, whose properties were discovered by 
the author,and which could revolutionise the treatment of diverse psychopathologies.
In these psychopathologies I am including the high level of undesirable intra-specific 
aggression found in the human species. 
Man bas been unable to control his unwanted base-line paranoia and intra-specific 
aggressivity even with such a powerful ideology such as Christianism.The sociabilisers 
promise to reach,at last,such a control of these highly undesirable behaviours.
The future of mankind is in ENHANCING SOCIABILITY,first by sociabilising 
molecules,then through a new science(not yet in existence)called  
Neuromorphogenetics.The DEFINITIVE enhancement of sociability in man is a desirable 
step for our descendants as this will promote cooperation between individuals instead 
of a totally useless and destructive intra-specific aggression.Man has suffered since 
his origin from his absurd intra-specific aggression,a heritage of his animal 
origin,of his present-day bestiality
Intra-specific aggression should be eradicated in order to make "human" beings really 
human beings and not sheer tallking and vociferous animals.The study of the 
Sociabilisers is the first step in this important direction.
Christianism has failed to change the intra-specific aggression behaviour of man 
because this very primitive behaviour is deeply entrenched in the human 
CNS.Men(especially males and this applies equally to male scientists!)have a 
propensity to aggress each other and to establish a pecking-order,like all animals.But 
this primitive entropic behaviour is no longer in accordance with technological 
In advanced technological societies we need highly sociable individuals.
Where,for obvious reasons,Christianism has failed,Science will,probably,succeed! When 
intra-specific aggression will be only a foregone memory of the primitive Barbarians 
we are just now,then we can predict a bright future to our descendants.
The discovery of the Sociabilisers is just,then,the beginning of a formidable 
BEHAVIOURAL REVOLUTION.One day wars and misery will be seen only as the consequences 
of a primitive faulty brain created by accident and not by a rational will.

The first sociabiliser was invented in France,in 1961:Gamma-OH or 
gamma-hydroxybutyrate.Gamma-OH was invented by Laborit and Wermuth when Laborit was 
thinking of creating a GABA analog which could penetrate through the brain-blood 
barrier.He talked about this with Wermuth and Wermuth came with gamma-hydroxybutyric 
At that time nobody knew that this discovery was potential gold for the study of human 
behaviour and intra-specific aggression.
Three class of sociabilisers have been now defined:
1.Tyrosine Hydroxylase activators based on the prototypal Gamma-OH.
2.Tryptophan Hydroxylase inhibitors based on the prototypal M.D.M.A (3,4 
3.Mixed Tyrosine Hydroxylase activators/Tryptophan Hydroxylase inhibitors.
This last class may represent powerful novel sociabilisers but this is not yet known.
Since the discovery of Gamma-OH,in France,the French were unable to classify this 
molecule under anything known and so the classifiction of Gamma-OH has been rather 
It was,first,a hypnotic.Then it became a pre-anesthesiser and,now,it became an 
anti-addictive medicine for alcoholism!!!
It may or may not become also an anti-addictive against opiate intoxication,as shown 
in Italy.
After about 15 years of studying this molecule I,finally,arrived at the conclusion 
that Gamma-OH was the first molecule in a serie of novel molecules to 
be,correctly,called the SOCIABILISERS(Sociabilisants,en Français) because they act by 
Experimenting both Gamma-OH and M.D.M.A,on myself and volunteers I,soon,discovered 
that these two molecules had,subjectively,indistinguishable actions on sociability 
though the sociabilising action of M.D.M.A is,first,masked because of its serotonin 
releasing property
which is,subjectively,quite similar to the effects of fluvoxamine(the first specific 
serotoninergic reuptake blocker which was,successfully,put on the market)on 
consciousness and behaviour.

Gamma-OH (nicknamed "Or Potable" !!!),A Revolution for Mankind:On the Road to 
Gamma-OH is a pure sociabiliser as its sociabilising effects are not hindered by other 
antagonistic actions such as enhancement of serotoninergic neurotransmission.
Gamma-OH and M.D.M.A have been both classified under the novel concept of 
Sociabilisers,together with the yet to be synthesised molecules sharing the properties 
of both Gamma-OH and M.D.M.A which I,usually,nickname "Sociabiline" while 
gamma-hyroxybutyrate has been nicknamed "Or Potable" because it is as precious as 
gold,in my opinion,for mankind.
When human beings INTERACT ON INCREASINGLY FRIENDLY TERMS,natural base-line 
paranoia,progressively,disappears to be replaced by a feeling of INTENSE 
PLEASURE,which is the result of social interaction.
The lower natural paranoia becomes,the more sociability intensifies.Theory 
demonstrates that such consciousness states as "love" or "mystical" states are only 
states of exceedingly low paranoia and of,progressively,intensified sociability.
In fact,there seems to be a "circuit of paranoia" in the C.N.S which 
would,both,generate paranoia and sociability,depending on how it is activated.
Hyperactivation of this system would generate paranoid states while hypoactivation 
would generate sociable states,from love to mystical states.
It is thus hypothesised that depressing paranoia(naturally or 
pharmacologically)leads,automatically,to increased sociability(probably through 
oxytocinergic neuromediation,etc)while increasing paranoia(like with 
pentazocine,phenylisopropylamines)leads to asociability and some psychopathologies 
such as paranoid schizophrenia,etc.
Modulating the sociability states of human beings can represent a powerful 
therapeuthics in depression and in the suppression of anxiety or suppression of the 
negative symptoms of schizophrenia.
For instance,depression arises when SOCIABILITY IS DECREASED:intensifying sociability 
will,thus,have a THYMOANALEPTIC(anti-depressant)effect.This is demonstrated by the 
powerful thymoanaleptic properties of Gamma-OH.
Unfortunately,for depressed patients,and because of the imipraminomimetic dogma,the 
thymoanaleptic properties of Gamma-OH remained,essentially,crypto-thymoanaleptic 
properties until the author discovered the remarkable effects of gamma-hydroxybutyrate 
on depression!
Sociabilisers will,probably,throw most SSRIs to the wastebasket once they are fully 
How many lives could have been saved had the research on anti-depressants not stayed 
confined on the invention of imipraminomimetics only.
The present working hypothesis on the mechanism of action of sociabilisers is that 
they depress paranoia,as we noticed,thus leading,as natural sociability,to a vast 
array of potentially useful therapeuthic effects.

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