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Dear neuronetters, dear Kim:

Kim Nguyen, as posted by Andre <k12401 at>
asks for factual elements to include in his next screen-
writing, on sending and receiving brain waves across in-
terplanetary space. Does he what he does, a screenwriting
on this subject cannot be factual, on political reasons.
Then let us point out a modicum of factuality, the very
minimum which who devotes the whole life to this research
will at least see as diminishing the distance between
screen and facts. Rather than instead increasing it... 

First of all, only structural notices could be conveyed
through space. No feelings or sentiments. Nor perceptua-
lities as colours, odours, subjective sounds, touch sen-
sations, muscle and articular sensations, kinesthesic ap-
perceptions or tastes.  Just bits.  Please, Kim, go to the
United kingdom Official Journal - Patents, 7 January 1981,
and study the specification of the Patent 1,582,301 in
this regard. Do not let be fooled by hodologies or neural
networkers' emergentisms. That is just politics.

Second, certainly your hooked astronauts can look for
brain waves broadcasted  -this word is the point-  from
outer space. You can mind them as commercial broadcasting,
even with advertising, at a first stage. But by looking
at Internet, you will notice that persons did not change
-technology is slow to select genes-  but personalities
did. In certain country >40 percent of the messages are now
assuming some unreal presentation, most changing gender
and of course name and personal condition. So I hope that
your hooked astronauts are to act as any moderately expe-
rienced internetter: not taking as good what the messages
imply, but only what the messages convey.  If messages are
personal -instead of a kind of institutional broadcasting-,
the falsified information is different: institutional 
broadcasting falsifies facts outside, personal messages
falsify the sender image.  So your characters can end
the film by a tremolo of fiction/fact alternancies, i.e.,
discovering that the sender was a Sirius-system indweller
impersonated by a Martian impersonated by a next home cracker
impersonated by a loving girl in the hooked astronaut's lab
that gave him what he wished, just to making him happy...
or is love more than that?

Third, please do not confuse the sense of identity with the
identity. Or, you will be adding to the fictionalist ideolo-
gies of postmodernity, that instead of simply recognizing
the interpretational stages in sensorial and conceptual
processing, plainly say that there are no brute facts, no
reality beyond hermeneusis, no effectivity beyond screens and
drugs, no planetary market beyond private projects. Personal
identity rests on circumstantiation, that is on our respecti-
ve experiencings having found each one to live in a certain
cosmological, historic, familiar and bodily circumstance ra-
ther than instead into another. Brain waves cannot localize
into a particle-like embodiment, so your hooked astronauts
cannot assist to choices taken by those interstellary-traveling
"brainwaves" while still in travel.

Moreover, think that you are thinking with a language -or seve-
ral.  The terms and sintaxes of your languages convey prefigu-
rations that you can find and believe yours - whereas indeed
they are simply composeability contraints required by "your"
concepts, as the intellect agent of Aristotle De Anima liber 3
and Averroes in "Solaris". So, your theory of what is a person
can be improductive for many people, whom you confirm in a
crystalized way of thinking about it. Let me appeal to your
responsibility as author. Please do not attempt a "new" superfi-
cial re-interpretation of what is a person. You can earn enough
money by simply exposing the mysteries beyond the scientific
enigmas we research for.

The sense of identity is given by memory. Please do not aver
that also identity comes thereof.  Let us to do our work.

Finally, let me congratulate you for having looked for info
on an international net.  In these regards, the most fruitful
notices come not from the central countries. Due to a lot of
reasons, the concepts therein echo mutually. From bags of exce-
llency in marginal countries you can obtain much more serious and
innovative research in these very specialized fields, than from
those countries where they are more tightly connected with the
social imaginarium.

I am biochemist, working on biophysical research of the emotion
production in brain tissue. Let me know if can be of further help.


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