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Andre k12401 at nobel.si.uqam.ca
Tue Sep 10 11:32:42 EST 1996


I am a screenwriter doing research for my next feature film.  Basically, 
it is a science fiction story in which space travel isn't done in a 
spaceship, but by sending and receiving brain waves in space.  In this 
film, the astronauts are here on earth and hooked up to huge radars that 
try to find brain waves through space.  These "astronauts" act as 
mediums, to interpret the brain waves from outer space.  Many 
scientifical data needs to be brought to the script in order to make the 
story concrete.  In the medical field in particular, I was wondering if 
there are particular parts of the brain that create in us humans the 
feeling of identity.  Is it possible that if such a part of the brain 
existed and was tampered with medically, a person would lose his sense 
of identity?

In medical terms, what is considered the subconscious? Is it directly 
related to particular parts of the brain, or is it a natural response to 

Any philosophical and medical theories on the matter are appreciated.  
Your ideas can be instinctual.  After all, this is science-fiction!

Thank you very much!

Kim Nguyen, screenwriter

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