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Marcus 73370.2242 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Sep 10 09:51:08 EST 1996

>The apical dendrites of cortical pyramidal cells are aligned 
>perpendicular to the cortical surface -- this allows the PSPs in 
>the apical dendrites of many (millions?) cortical pyramidal 
>cells to summate spatially, and thus be detectable on the 
>cortical or scalp surface.  The dendrites of other cell types 
>are generally aligned in random directions, so that the PSPs in 
>these dendrites cancel each other (when observed from an 
>electrode that is "far" away).



Kevin, thanks for replying to my post and to the one above.  
Since the brain has many folds & invaginations, many of the 
apical dendrites would not be at right angles to the surface of 
the brain.  Why isn't this a problem in assuming the valididty of 
EEG recordings ?  Would local field potentials recorded from one 
laminellar layer be a more suitable means for determining the 
activity of a brain area and perhaps for investigating the 
relationship between say, midbrain structures and the cortex ?
Thanks for your attention.	

Mark Clement

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