Help! Neuroscience/Psychology journals on-line?

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Wed Sep 11 09:19:44 EST 1996

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>The Journal of Neuroscience has made a big leap by
>making available the full text of all its current 
>articles (with illustrations!) on-line.
>What's more, it is free [till the end of this year only].
>I would appreciate information (URL) on other reviewed
>neuroscience/psychology journals, if any, available 
>on-line now or in the nearest future.
>I will be grateful for an e-mail reply to my personal address
>even if you post to the group.
>Sergei A. Gutnikov, D.Phil.
>Oxford University

There is a list of neuroscience journals with online
access (some Table of Contents only, some whole text)
listed at the Cognitive Neuroscience Internet Resources site,

PS. These are all the Neuroscience (and Cognitive) journals I'm
aware of with online presences.  If anyone knows of others, please
send me mail and I'll add them.


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