Looking for Viral Brain Injury Expert

Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Thu Sep 12 18:44:49 EST 1996

At 19:14 12/09/96 GMT, you wrote:
>I am searching for someone who has developed significant expertise in the
>field of viral infection induced brain injuries.  
>My interest in such a person is driven by a family tragedy.  My father, an
>otherwise healthy and vibrant man, was suddenly struck with a herpes type
>viral insephalitis (spelling?) and nearly died from the illness.  This
>occurred a little less than two years ago.  
>He was a physically fit, intellegent and educated professional engineer
>working in the Petroleum Industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  
>His recovery has been slow and difficult.  The lasting effects of the
>illness are the nearly complete destruction of the temporal lobes and a
>severe lack of short term memory.  The result is a nearly complete
>inability to absorb new information, even though his long term memories are
>generally intact.

This is very sad.
what do you mean by "destruction" of the temporal lobes?
Destruction of their function only? without alteration of their structure.
or a mass and chronic inflammation triggered by the body's immune response
to the herpes type virus.
or the death of the neurons/glia/both.

If it is due to inflammation, then this may subside in time (yes, I
acknowledge that the event was nearly two years ago) then again there may be
no improvement.  I don't know of a newsgroup that deals with this type of
"injury' however, you may wish to contact your version of the A.M.A. and get
some points to virologists/?cognitive therapists.

For mine, your father is lucky to be alive, this type of viral infection is
potentially lethal......was your father under a lot of tension/stress as I
think this encephalitis usualy strikes the old and the immune-compromised..

My wishes for his recovery.

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