Looking for Viral Brain Injury Expert

Terry Henderson terry.henderson at netshepherd.com
Thu Sep 12 14:14:54 EST 1996

I am searching for someone who has developed significant expertise in the
field of viral infection induced brain injuries.  

My interest in such a person is driven by a family tragedy.  My father, an
otherwise healthy and vibrant man, was suddenly struck with a herpes type
viral insephalitis (spelling?) and nearly died from the illness.  This
occurred a little less than two years ago.  

He was a physically fit, intellegent and educated professional engineer
working in the Petroleum Industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  

His recovery has been slow and difficult.  The lasting effects of the
illness are the nearly complete destruction of the temporal lobes and a
severe lack of short term memory.  The result is a nearly complete
inability to absorb new information, even though his long term memories are
generally intact.

I am searching for a professional doctor or researcher who may be able to
shed light on what has happened and what can be done.  

Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Is there a more appropriate
newsgroup I should post this message to?  Please let me know.

Thank you for your help.

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