transsphenoidal+pitocin induction ramifications

Bill Graney us036817 at
Wed Sep 11 15:57:48 EST 1996

ploob wrote:
> I can't find any answers even at The National Library of Medicine.  If a
> pt has undergone a transsphenoidal for acrogmegaly, has had a previous
> C-section and now is to undergo a pitocin induction VBAC, what are possible
> complications?  Assuming the natural oxytocin feedback loop is disrupted
> by the cutting of the pituitary stalk & the risks already associated with
> VBAC, could uterine rupture be more likely?
> If more pt history is needed please respond here or via e-mail. Any input
> would be greatly appreciated.
> -Thanks,
> Kathleen (buzzdc at
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May I suggest that a clinical case of such potential gravity
is probably not best addressed by an internet and library search.
You need direct consultation (perhaps a second opinion) from 
experienced, University centered physicians in endocrinology,
obstetrics and anesthesiology.  The results of a detailed 
endocrine workup, operative records from the C-section, and 
a physical examination will all be needed by the consultant(s).

Do not allow anxiety or dislike of organized medicine to 
interfere with the best of medical care.  The stakes in this case
are too high.


Bill Graney

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