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Fri Sep 13 10:47:25 EST 1996

New Lab-animal ventilator, controlled by microprocessor, delivers adjustable tidal volume
from 0.05 ml to 50 ml per stroke. Electronically controlled stepping motor with attached
lubricant free air cylinder allows continuously adjustable phase ratio, tidal volume, and
stroke frequency (5-200 strokes/min). It is suitable for a wide range of animals that is from
mice to dogs.


1. 	Programmable and adjustable tidal volume from 0.05 - 50.0 ml.
2.	Programmable and adjustable rate (from 5-200/min) is continuously variable.
3.	Programmable and continuously adjustable inspiratory/expiratory ratio (1:4 to 4:1).
4.	High accuracy in volume and rate with no dead space in electronic valves.
5.	Lubricant-free glass cylinder with graphite piston and exceptionally air tight with
	absolutely minimum friction.
6.	Easy to operate.
7.	Push button operation with digital display of ventilation parameters.
8.	Controlled by microprocessor and powered by micro-stepping motor.
9.	Interchangeable cylinders (0.8 ml, 6.0 ml, 27 ml, and 51 ml).
10.	Electronic valves with absolutely no dead space.
11.	Portable (dimentions: 13 inch: 7 inch: 7 inch)
12. 	Operates in either 110v or 220 v and 60 Hz.

If you are interested, please e-mail me your street address. I will send you all information.

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