What Effect Would TOTALLY Perfect Memory Have?

John Ross jross at senet.com.au
Tue Sep 10 21:41:52 EST 1996

There are some problems given in the classical descriptions, basically
amounting to the fact that such a person would have to live with the
fact that he would be constantly reminded of his dead
puppy/fish/bird/frog/loved human etc. Every time something happened he
would be reminded of whatever good/bad thing was associated with it.
It would probably drive most people crazy.

I know I'm glad I can "forget" some of the dopey things I've done!


>Eric Manshun Choi wrote:
>> I am in the process of writing a science fiction story in which one of
>> the characters has the ability to literally remember EVERYTHING that he
>> sees or reads. 

>> How would such an ability affect his mind?  Would he be able to cope, or
>> would the overload of information drive him insane?

>I have no idea how sane he would be, but he would be
>a DARN USEFUL individual to have around the next time
>I can't find my keys......

>Brian Makens

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