St. Moritz 1998

Adriano Aguzzi, M.D. adriano at
Sun Sep 15 12:14:59 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues,

I am about to organize of the St. Moritz International Winter Meeting of
the Swiss Society of Neuropathology, which is going to take place in March
14-19, 1998. The main topic will be "Mechanisms and models in neurological

The meeting is sponsored by the Swiss National Foundation for Science, and
by several smaller foundations. 

I am trying to find a way to advertize the meeting as widely as possible,
and e-mail/newsgroups seem a good way, particularly since I wish to keep
the budget as low as possible. 

Therefore, I am writing to you with the question whether you would be
prepared to supply me with an address list of workers in the field of basic
and clinical neurosciences. While I understand that some colleagues might
object to "bulk-e-mailing", I assure that I will not use such a list for
anything else than the purpose stated above, and that I will not make it
available to anybody else.

I specifically would like to target young investigators at the
graduatestudent/postdoc level. I intend to use the money that can be saved
by e-mailing announcements to provide a few grants for students desiring to

I am looking forward to your answer

With warmest regards
Adriano Aguzzi, M.D.
Prof. Dr. med. Adriano Aguzzi
Professor of Neuropathology and Head, 
National Reference Center for Human Prion Diseases
Institute of Neuropathology
University Hospital of Zürich
Schmelzbergstrasse 12
CH-8091 Zürich, Switzerland
Tel. ++41-1-255 2107 or 255 2869
Fax: ++41-1-255 4402
pager: ++41-1-255 1111, ask for 124 482
E-mail adriano at

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