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kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Mon Sep 16 19:04:29 EST 1996

Barry Bayliss wrote:
> kenneth paul collins wrote:
> > The mapping is in an advanced stage of detail... =sufficient= to allow
> > the functionality of the whole system to be described in a unified way.
> > ken collins
> What are your references to such a claim???????
> Barry...

I've spent the last 25 years knitting together the work of the 
Neuroscience experimentalists...

...if you wish, put it to the test by selecting =any= non-trivial 
published Neuro article dealing with the functional neuroanatomy...

...I'll show you how a =single= principle integrates everything in 
that's discussed in the article of your choice with everything else 
within the CNS... course I'll have to do an "abbreviated edition"...

...but be quick... I just got "fired", and my funds are extremely-low... 
 just days left to this online "life"... ken collins

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