autism's drug therapy

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Tue Sep 17 17:27:36 EST 1996

leslie locche <azospbibl at> wrote:
>which are the good news on infantile autism's drug therapy??
There is no good news on drug therapy for autism. Autism is a 
neurological disorder caused by early abnormal brain development. No 
drug, not one, has ever been found effective for treating autism 
(although some drugs may be useful in treating some of the secondary 
symptoms). There is treatment for autism, but no cure. The most effective 
treatment that has been validated are early intervention programs and 
there is some evidence, not substantiated, that dietary interventions may 
also be helpful. Melatonin has been found (and there are skeptics) to 
help autistic children who also have severe sleeping disorders, but this 
is treatment for a secondary symptom.

Bob Jensen

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