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Igor Rubets ir at
Wed Sep 18 14:54:10 EST 1996

Ruadhan O'Flanagan wrote ...
> Actually, neurochemical states influence the firing of neurons(viz. the
> "thoughts" and "feelings" of the subject), and it is that particular
> influence, or tendency of thoughts, which is the mood itself.
OK. And in what mood is a man experiencing malnutrition problems?
And to be serious... I surely agree that when you think of the mood in
general terms, then yes, it is mainly, if not purely, neurochemical (and
after that, "neuroelectrical").
But I don't know of any causal relation between some specific pattern of
discharge (least to say about some specific neurochemical properties) and
some certain thought. I myself studied macro and micro electrophysiological
phenomena (namely, EEG, subcortical macroelectrodes, and single/multiple
neuron activity recordings) and I never managed to combine PHYSICS (and
neurophysiology is materialistic, hence physical science) with PSYCHE. I
can assure you, I'm not the only one who didn't.

> Also associated with moods are physiological effects, such as accelerated
> heartbeat, and so on. The perception of these effects is a neural event.
Nobody argues.

> Your name is stored (mostly) in your temporal lobes.
OK. But HOW? In what way? Where exactly? Is there or are there some
specific neuron(s)? Can you specify the "font"? What is the neuron
discharge pattern for a given "John Doe" and what is the difference between
the patterns of "Doe" and "Dow" (not if you read those names, of course,
but if you recall them)?



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