left-right reversal of CNS: Why?

G K GRAY gord at homostudy.win-uk.net
Wed Sep 18 23:27:15 EST 1996

In article <3234A298.7F19 at postoffice.worldnet.att.net>, kenneth paul collins (KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net) writes:
>...BTW, when I was working on this problem back in the late 70s, the way 
>I got a handle on it was to draw the neural circuitry on the inside of a 
>brown-paper grocery bag, put the bag on my head and walk around my attic 
>apartment bumping into things... all the while analyzing the functioning 
>of the circuitry I'd diagrammed on the inside of the bag... :-)
>...as luck would have it, I was garetted... :-)
>...my attic was a garret... low, slanty ceilings and all... so the head 
>stuff got a workout, too... :-)
>...another serendipitous thing was that, since I'd quit my job to right 
>"the paper that would break things open"... I had to use all available 
>hours... because I only had about $3k... had to finish the paper in a 
>...so I covered the windows in my sleeping area with black construction 
>paper... as luck would have it, when I covered the windows, I'd left a 
>tiny hole in the corner of one window pane... one day I awoke 
>but, in the transition to waking consciousness, I thought I must be 
>still dreaming... one of those dreams that one just experiences as being 
>so "real"... their were people walking around, and busses, trucks, and 
>cars running around on my ceiling...
>...but it wasn't a dream... it was just that I was sleeping inside a 
>pin-hole camera... and the images from the bright, sunny day on 
>the busy street outside my apartment were being projected on my 
>ceiling... and they were all upside-down and backward... 
>...thereafter, in my attic... I could "become" the retina, or the 
>lateral geniculi, or visual cortex... any daylight hours I wanted to... 
>...put this together with the brown-paper-bag-stumbling-around analysis 
>of the neural circuitry, and everything that I'd been working on for the 
>9 years prior just imploded toward Unity... sssssshhhWwoooop! :-)
>...I've worked on a shoestring... got a lot of humorous "stories"... ken

Try holding a pin-hole in an opaque card 13mm in front of the
pupil. With the other hand bring a pin-head (point-down) between
pin-hole and pupil.  What do you see?


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