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Ruadhan O'Flanagan wrote:
> Barry Bayliss <b.a.bayliss at> writes:
> >kenneth paul collins wrote:
> >> The mapping is in an advanced stage of detail... =sufficient= to allow
> >> the functionality of the whole system to be described in a unified way.
> >> ken collins
> >What are your references to such a claim???????


1) If the functionality of the whole system can currently be described 
   in an unified way, why is there no general model as to the effects of
   drugs, i.e. to be able to predict what the effect would be of giving
   patient a new drug (which hasn't be tested); behavioural level.  If 
   there is, I have not been able to find one.

2) The 'association cortex' is not identical in everybody.  Even the
position of
   the motor cortex can vary up to a few centimeters [1].  There are
   in association cortex mapping for males and females, which I have
seen is not
   a general statement.  (if you require references I can dig some out).

3) The operation of the brain does not simply depend on brain
   We have neurotransmitters, neuromodulators to take into account as
well.  How 
   about genetics as well. (On a system level)  

4) Which mapping modality(ies) are you referring too??????

REMARK: Read Oliver Sacks books on the problem with our understanding of
the brain.

> Have a look at .


What is your definition of 'consciousness'?????

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> Ruadhan O'Flanagan


[1] K. Perrine, "Future directions for functional mapping", Epilepsia,
vol 36, sup 6, 
    1994, pp s90 - s102.

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