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kenneth paul collins KPCollins at
Fri Sep 20 18:51:44 EST 1996

Barry Bayliss wrote:
> 4) Which mapping modality(ies) are you referring too??????

...=all= modalities... the thing is, though, one has to 
translate into a suitable mode with respect to WDB2T... as
I did in response to your "genetics?" question (#3b)...

> REMARK: Read Oliver Sacks books on the problem with our understanding of
> the brain.

I've come to be most-comfortable working at the most-basic levels
of nervous system stuff...

> > Have a look at .
> >
> Ruahhan,
> What is your definition of 'consciousness'?????

me?... what's between what is becoming as TD E/I minimization is 
occuring and what's left over after TD E/I minimization has run its
course... =and= the TD E/I minimization dynamics, themselves, because
without them, "consciousness" doesn't happen... ken collins

> > --
> > Ruadhan O'Flanagan
> Barry...
> [1] K. Perrine, "Future directions for functional mapping", Epilepsia,
> vol 36, sup 6,
>     1994, pp s90 - s102.

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