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Sat Sep 21 20:36:38 EST 1996

Alexander R Terrill wrote:
> Quick question:
> Does anyone know what the role of the hippocampus in human memory?  As
> far as I can tell it somehow seems to make the conversion form STM to
> LTM.  Do we know how it does this, or why?

My analysis is that this occurs via a gated alternation of stochastic 
and specific hippocampal activation "states"...

...this alternation procedes until the topologically-distributed ratios 
of excitation to inhibition occurring within the hippocampus (and, 
hence, within areas interconnected with the hippocampus) is minimized 
(until a relative TD E/I(min) is achieved)...

...the old view was that mories were stored in the hippocampus...

...the nervous system is a "supersystem" comprised of numerous 

...the view I hold is that the hippocampus functions as an 
intermediate-level supersystem configuration generator...

...and that LTM is formed as a function of the degree to which TD 
E/I-minimized supersystem neural activation states are converged upon... 
ken collins

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