neuron/wire artificial synapse

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Tue Sep 24 10:58:12 EST 1996

Check out  They're 
working on it!  (Please note that I am no longer in that group,
having switched labs over a year ago - nobody's gotten around to
updating the web page.  So please address any questions to other
members of the Pine lab.)

There are several other efforts in this direction, including 
several Japanese groups, one in Scotland (Dow and Wilkinson are
the names I remember off hand), and a German guy (Fromherz) who has
cultured leech neurons on FETs and recorded their electrical activity.
In terms of real biological data, Marcus Meister at Harvard has
recorded signals from salamander retina using a flat multielectrode

Hope this helps...

- Hannah Dvorak

In article <lhaarsma-2009961506120001 at>, 
lhaarsma at says...
>A few years ago I heard a story in the popular media about
>a research group who cultured nerve cells in such a way that
>they formed terminals at specific locations, close to electrodes
>on a circuit board, allowing some electrical signals to pass
>back and forth.  (I hope I'm remembering correctly.)
>I haven't been able to find a reference with a key-word search.
>Could someone point me to a name or a journal reference?
>Loren Haarsma

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