color perception in the blind

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Thu Sep 26 13:20:25 EST 1996

On 26 Sep 1996, Ron Blue wrote:
> Missy Horn of Slatedale, PA became the second person who is color blind
> to see "blue" that she has never seen before.  The procedure is
> using subjective color equipment consisting of a wheel of black and
> white of rotating under HER control, until she reports that she is
> seeing a color she has never seen before.  For me and other student
> observers the color was BLUE.  
> Both color blind students have agreed to cooperate in further
> experimentations.  If you have the right equipment, money, and
> live near Allentown, PA.  contact me.
> Ron Blue
> rcb1 at
It is important to NOTE that two red/green color blind students did
NOT see red or green.  The experience always occurred under florescent
lighting which is flashing at 60 hertz.  It is likely that the
flash rate has to be under 60 hertz to get red or green.  
Yellow has not been reported by the blue/yellow color blind.
So it is likely to require a flash rate under 60 hertz as a
carrier or refernce frequency.
Ron Blue

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