kenneth paul collins KPCollins at postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Thu Sep 26 20:20:15 EST 1996

SG wrote:
> kenneth paul collins wrote:
> > via an indirect route... basically, the hippocampi function as TD
> > E/I-minimization "tools"... they blindly strive to achieve TD E/I(min),
> > and the supersystem configurations are produced as by-products of the
> > degrees to which TD E/I(min) is, in fact, achieved...
> Ken,
> Please excuse my ignorance and would you be so kind to extend
> your comment and explain what is TD and E/I?
> Sergei
> cc: newsgroup

"TD E/I(min)" is shorthand for "the minimization of the 
Topologically-Distributed ratios of Excitation to Inhibition"... the 
theory of CNS function that I've developed shows that the CNS is 
rigorously structured throughout its entire extent so that it will 
automatically "strive" to achieve a single goal... TD E/I 
minimization... behavior is produced as a by-product of such... ken 

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