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Stephan Anagnostaras wrote:
> In article <324969D9.5A52 at psy.ox.ac.uk>, SG <sg at psy.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> > kenneth paul collins wrote:
> >
> > > via an indirect route... basically, the hippocampi function as TD
> > > E/I-minimization "tools"... they blindly strive to achieve TD E/I(min),
> > > and the supersystem configurations are produced as by-products of the
> > > degrees to which TD E/I(min) is, in fact, achieved...
> >
> > Ken,
> >
> > Please excuse my ignorance and would you be so kind to extend
> > your comment and explain what is TD and E/I?
> >
> > Sergei
> > cc: newsgroup
> Boy, I wish so much was actually known about the hippocampus, then I
> wouldn't have to do my job!

..."so much was actually known" more than two decades ago... to see it, 
though, one has to study =all= of the CNS... hippocampal experimetal 
results become rigorously-significant only in the contest of the 

...tell you what... I just lost the employment through which I was 
supporting my research (which consists of studying the experimental 
literature, and knitting the results together)... if your school is 
willing to foot the bill, I'll gladly travel out there and "put my neck 
on the chopping block of your design"... I'd do such even if I had to 
pay my own way... but the company I was working for had been assuring me 
that I had at least another year's employment with them, so I've been 
giving my salary over to my research, and now that they've 
"terminated" me, I've no savings...

...I'm faced with having to throw out 25 years of work because I've no 
means to house it...

...and you say that all the experimental results that I've seen with my 
own eyes just don't exist...? they do... they're sufficient to 
substantiate everything I've been discussing... K. P. Collins

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