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Fri Sep 27 19:08:58 EST 1996

Lists Owner wrote:
> ********** Welcome to the Structural Biology List! **********
> Structural biology has already drawn much attention: it opens
> the door to a new era of biology. We announce here that a
> mailing list for structural biologists has been created. It
> will bring biologists/chemists/pharmacists all across the
> globe together to a new electronic frontier. The list server
> locates at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking
> University, Beijing, China. We send this mail to invite your
> membership.
> The suggested topics of this mailing list include:
> o Macromolecular crystallography
> o NMR and other spectroscopies
> o Molecular modeling and design
> o Structure-based drug design and QSAR
> o Bioinformatics
> o Theoretical and computational biology
> To subscribe, you only need to send a short mail to
> owner at ipc.pku.edu.cn like this, "please add me to the SBL ..."
> while stating your name, title, e-mail, address, country and
> academic interests. Or you can save your time by filling out
> the following form and send it back to owner at ipc.pku.edu.cn.
> No fee and no restriction to subscribe.
> --------------- Structural Biology Mailing List --------------
> ----------------------  Membership Form ----------------------
> Name:
> Title:
> Address:
> Country:
> E-mail:
> Academic interests:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Please forward this message to your friends as many as possible.
> Thank you for concern.
> Prof. Luhua Lai
> Institute of Physical Chemistry
> Peking University, Beijing, P.R.China

Good Luck! Thank you for your work... your topic is an important one. 
ken collins

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