Need surgery.

Alan Fried albe at
Sun Sep 29 16:20:34 EST 1996

marguell at (yo pal) wrote:

>I've seen three doctors who recommend surgery - a diskectomy and interbody
>fusion. I would like to know what are the post operative results. My only
>symptoms are extreme weakness in the right arm and pain in the neck and
>shoulder. How successful is this surgery? What about scar tissue?
>The doctors say that any small fender bender, fall, or slap in the back
>could leave me quadruplegic. Very scary. I live in Philadelphia where there
>a lot of very eminent neurosurgeons. Need to see a couple more. I'm in
>search for answers. 
>Any advice?
>Yo Pal (:-) marguell at

Sounds like the disk is goint to be removed from your neck. Is that
correct? Theoretically the operation should be a success since the
disk is compressing the nerve(s) that innervates your arm. If the
pressure is relieved then your strength should return.

You'll do range of motion exercises to your neck following surgery and
that should break up any scar tissue. Since they are fusing, the range
of motion in your neck may be slightly limited  but this is a small
price to pay for the increased strenght and the alleviation of the

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