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>Oscillons are formed when you viberate a grandular material with two or
>more frequencies.  One oscillon structure resembles a gaussian mountain.
>It oscillated into a gaussian hole, then into a gaussian mountain.
>Oscillons can form in ANY oscillating system. Oscillons of opposite
>symetry are attracted to each other and form oscillon pairs of reverse
>polarity.  Oscillons of similar charge and harmonic repell each other.
>Since the backward propagation wave reduces the uptake of neurotranmitters
>at the synapses it should result in reducing the oscillations of the
>sender via long term potentiation.  In a way this is like an effort
>to maintain a constant voltage oscillon for a nerve fiber in a very
>narron gaussian oscillon range.  
>Ron Blue
>Nature 29 August 1996 - oscillons 
>sorry I do not have the name of the article with me.

Article is "Redistribution of synaptice efficacy between
neocortical pyramidal neurons" Henry Markram & Misha Tsodyks, pp807
et seq.

Cheers! Gord 

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