Schizophrenia/Nicotine Question

CDW rastaman at
Tue Apr 1 22:53:38 EST 1997

I'm a university student who has had an interest in biochemical 
psychology since taking a class about a year ago. 

Recently I saw an article in the newspaper in which it was reported that 
studies had proven a connection between heavy smoking (nicotine intake) 
and a lessening of the severity and frequency of schizophrenic episodes. 
The article vaguely mentioned the neurochemical basis of this, but was 
very brief and unclear. Can anyone here please explain the chemical 
action in the brain by which nicotine "soothes" psychotic behaviors?

If this question, or this type of question, is inappropriate to this 
newsgroup, then I beg your forgiveness. Otherwise, I would very much 
appreciate any answer.

Thanks for your time,
(rastaman at

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