Postdoctoral position, Stanford University, presynaptic inhibition in thalamus

John Huguenard John.Huguenard at Stanford.Edu
Mon Apr 14 10:31:24 EST 1997

immediately available focused on synaptic mechanisms that regulate
thalamic network activities.  Issues include presynaptic modulatory
mechanisms, short-term plasticity, and pharmacology and physiology of
GABAA receptors.  Techniques include whole cell and cell-attached patch
clamp recordings in "thin" slices and dissociated cells, dual
intracellular recordings, intracellular labeling, analysis of channel
and whole cell currents, immunocytochemistry and cellular
neuropharmacology. Eligibility:  Candidates should have an M.D., Ph.D.
or equivalent degree, and predoctoral or postdoctoral experience in one
of the above areas.  Salary: NIH scale plus supplement. For further
information contact John R. Huguenard, Ph.D., Department of Neurology
and Neurological Sciences, Room M016, Stanford University School of
Medicine, Stanford, CA 94305-5300.  E-mail: John.Huguenard at Stanford.Edu
or FAX: 415-723-1080.  AA/EO

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