ab4 at acsu.buffalo.edu ab4 at acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu Apr 17 08:52:13 EST 1997

Hello Netters :
	Are there any compounds available to study the role of various G-protein 
subunits in signal transduction which are CELL PERMEABLE ? I am aware of quite a 
few compounds at the present time, but I am not sure whether they are cell 
permeable. Since I record whole cell currents (two electrode voltage clamp) I need 
compounds which are highly cell permable (without going through the process of 
cell permeablization).  Are the toxins, like PTX cell permeable (I don't think 
so) ? Any sort of feedback will be highly appreciated. PLEASE DO REPLY TO MY 
e-mail ADDRESS :
	ab4 at acsu.buffalo.edu


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