Callosal agenesis

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Paris, April 17, 1997

Dear Colleagues,
Dr. Pierre Gressens and I are reviewing ethical attitudes concerning
decisions made during prenatal life when callosal « agenesis » is diagnosed
by ultrasound. The main questions are:
- MRI in utero or not (after ultrasound) ?
- abortion or not ?
- if abortion, until which gestational age ?
- is the attitude different if « agenesis » is complete or partial and/or
accompanied by other abnormalities ?
On this particular issues the attitudes are quite varied in the medical
centers of Europe. This is the reason why we are putting this message on
our list.
Thank you for summarizing, either on the « list » or in a message to Pierre
Gressens or to myself, the attitudes adopted in your center.
With best regards.

Philippe EVRARD

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