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            Simulations in Computational Neuroscience

                         June 11-14, 1997

                 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
                          Pittsburgh, PA

 Participants in this workshop will learn to use PGENESIS, a parallel
 version of the GENESIS simulator, and PNEURON (under development), a
 parallel version of the NEURON simulator.  This course will be of
 interest to active modelers who perceive the need for large
 which are beyond the effective capabilities of single-cpu

 Both PGENESIS and PNEURON are suitable for large scale parallel
 of parameter space for single neuron and neuronal network models.
 PGENESIS is also suitable for parallel simulation of very large
 network models.  Both of these packages run on single workstations,
 workstation networks, small-scale parallel computers and large
 massively parallel supercomputers, providing a natural scale-up path.
 For large simulations NSF funds four supercomputing centers for the
 use of US-based computational scientists.

 Familiarity with the non-parallel version of GENESIS or NEURON is
 preferred but not required. Techniques for parallel search of
 parameter space and for decomposition of network models will be two
 foci of the workshop.  Participants are encouraged to bring their
 models to the workshop.  Each participant is provided with an SGI
 workstation and accounts on PSCs advanced computing resources
 our 512-node Cray T3E.  Each day lectures will be followed by
 computing sessions at which experienced instructors will be available
 to assist in using PGENESIS and PNEURON, and optimizing models.

 Hotel accommodations during the workshop for researchers affiliated
 with U.S. academic institutions will be paid by our NIH grant.
 Complimentary breakfast and lunches also will be provided. There is
 registration fee for this workshop. All other costs incurred in
 attending (travel, other meals, etc.) are the responsibility of the
 individual participant.

 The deadline for submitting applications is May 3, 1997. Enrollment
 limited to 20 participants. Further information and application
 materials can be found at:

 Support for this workshop is from NIH under the NCRR program and
 from NSF under the Computational Activities in Biology program.

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