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Tue Apr 22 16:40:57 EST 1997

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>From: Alexander Reiprich <reiprich at>
>Subject: IR-videomicroscopy
>Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 17:30:30 -0800

>Hi out there,

>i am working with a infrared-videomicroscopy setup (Axioskop FS, Zeiss,
>Germany; Hamamatsu C5405 ccd-camera) and would like to know if anybody
>out there is working with the same setup. When i make experiments with
>visible light there is absolute no problem in getting good Nomarski
>optics. Switching to infrared illumination leads to stronger noise and
>bad visual results although the infrared-filter of the camera has been
>removed. Recently I heard of a heat-protection filter between the light
>source and the microscope that should be removed because it attenuates
>long wavelengths. Because of the possible damage to parts of the
>microscope I would like to know wheather anybody out there has removed
>this filter and if this caused any trouble.
>Thanks in advance

Hello Alex,
using a similar system (Zeiss Axioskop FS; Hamamatsu C2400-07 camera) I must 
say I don't understand your problem. What do you mean with stronger noise? Why 
do you remove the IR filter when using the IR optics? Regarding the use of an 
heat protection filter we never used one. Our IR filter is a RG9 from Schott, 
Mainz, but you can use also use an IR interference filter (don't remember the 
correct name in the moment) plus a heat protection filter. If you bought the 
IR filter from Zeiss directly you must pay attention. They sell sometimes the 
wrong ones.Maybe this helps.
Best regards, Thomas

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