Q: Internal representations of visual objects

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Sat Apr 26 08:45:19 EST 1997

the reference is:

Georgopoulos, A.P., Schwartz, A.B. & Kettner, R.E. (1986). Neuronal
population coding of movment direction. Science, 233, 1416-1419.

it is about perception *and* movment.  the finding was that  the activity
of the neurons transformed into a vector predicted the direction of
movement of the animals arm.  the vectors were congruent with the animals
'spatial planning of movement'.

colleen specht

On 24 Apr 1997, Bill Skaggs wrote:

> dnandy at hezi.eecs.uic.edu (Dibyendu Nandy) writes:
> > I was also informed that George Opolus (spelling??) may have done
> > some work in the area. I am not sure of the author's name and
> > I could not find literature under the name and several variants.
> > I would appreciate it, if somebody  who has knowledge of the
> > correct name, can let me know.
> Well, it's no wonder you couldn't find the name, because the author
> you're thinking of is named Apostolos Georgopoulous.  He had a
> well-known paper on mental rotation published in Science three or four
> years ago (I don't have the ref), but it was more related to motor
> control than perception.
> 	-- Bill

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