Please Help. Drowning accident & Coma stage

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28th April 1997
From: Shiva, Singapore   
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My relative who is a five year old boy had a near drowning accident on the
22nd      April 1997. There was cardiac arrest for an indefinite period and
following cardio-          pulmonary resuscitation, his pupils were fixed
and dilated, respiration was absent, there was a total flaccid paralysis.
The doll's eye sign was occasionally present on the right but the gag
reflex was absent. he was initially hypothermic with a temperature of 31.6
deg Centigrade and had a serum pottasium of 1.6 m.mols. This was smartly
corrected. A CT Scan showed diffuse, severe brain swelling. The blood
pressure, pulse rate and ECG are normal as is renal function. The child has
remained neurologically unchanged today (28th April 1997). Has anybody
anywhere a suggestion as to what can be done?

The accident has happened in Surabaya, Indonesia and the boy was brought to
Singapore on 24th night and is in a private hospital. 

All your help and blessing are required at this moment. Please help the
With great expectation from all kind hearted.

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