Richard A. Lockshin lockshin at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 28 17:17:08 EST 1997

Anyone with information on this please check
http://www.celldeath-apoptosis.org.  The question has been raised
there too.

"Ivan Ng" <hbing at mbox2.singnet.com.sg> wrote:

>Hi Math
>	read your posted message about your query on apoptotic cells. I do not
>have any answers for you; on teh contrary, I do have a question for you.
>Are you studying or planning to study apoptosis in cells. I have been
>interested in teh phenomenon of neuronal cel apoptosis in the context of
>head injury, I wonder if you could tell me about that.

>my e-mail no is hbing at mbox2.singnet.com


Richard A. Lockshin
(lockshin at mindspring.com;lockshin at sjumusic.stjohns.edu)
check out Cell Death Soc web page: 

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