Please Help. Drowning accident & Coma stage

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Wed Apr 30 16:42:33 EST 1997

Dear friend:

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rohan p marianayagam wrote:
> 28th April 1997
> From: Shiva, Singapore
>          arvind at
>          ramasamy at
> My relative who is a five year old boy had a near drowning accident on the
> 22nd      April 1997. There was cardiac arrest for an indefinite period and
> following cardio-          pulmonary resuscitation, his pupils were fixed
> and dilated, respiration was absent, there was a total flaccid paralysis.
> The doll's eye sign was occasionally present on the right but the gag
> reflex was absent. he was initially hypothermic with a temperature of 31.6
> deg Centigrade and had a serum pottasium of 1.6 m.mols. This was smartly
> corrected. A CT Scan showed diffuse, severe brain swelling. The blood
> pressure, pulse rate and ECG are normal as is renal function. The child has
> remained neurologically unchanged today (28th April 1997). Has anybody
> anywhere a suggestion as to what can be done?
> The accident has happened in Surabaya, Indonesia and the boy was brought to
> Singapore on 24th night and is in a private hospital.
> All your help and blessing are required at this moment. Please help the
> boy.
> With great expectation from all kind hearted.

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