Temporal Lobes

Scott Graeme Payne sgp01 at uow.edu.au
Wed Apr 30 20:45:17 EST 1997

flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) writes:

>I don't mean to pick on you especially; the same reply is appropriate
>for the dozens of others who post "tell me something" or "tell me
>everything" about--whatever.  Usually the topic is so broad as to make
>any reply absurd.

>My question is: are their no libraries anymore where you live?  You
>have an email address which suggests you are connected to a university
>in Australia.  Does the university have a library?

>After you have read something basic (e.g. a textbook or even an
>encyclopedia), try a search for recent journal articles.  If you THEN
>have a SPECIFIC question not readily answered this way, post it here.

>At the very least specify: anatomy? neurophysiology? neuropsychology?
>pathology?  epilepsy?  WHAT/ WHAT/ WHAT?  (just "anything"?  OK, how
>about this: part of it is named after a seahorse.)

>Frank LeFever
>New York Neuropsychology Group

WEll I have looked in the libraries and as such i do know quite a bit.
I was just using the vast knowledge of the people that use the internet for a
little extra information. If you hadn't realised some of the most recent 
information about certain topics can be found on the internet. So bascially 
I am useing the news servers and other resources of the internet to greater
 extend my knowledge of the subject at hand.

Some people say "If you have nothing postive to say DON'T SAY IT"
I think this applies to you!!!!!

I do wish to thank the people that did reply and the informtion i received was
put to good use in my research.

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