Temporal Lobes

Kevin Spencer kspencer at s.psych.uiuc.edu
Wed Apr 30 23:46:45 EST 1997

sgp01 at uow.edu.au (Scott Graeme Payne) writes:

>WEll I have looked in the libraries and as such i do know quite a bit.
>I was just using the vast knowledge of the people that use the internet for a
>little extra information. If you hadn't realised some of the most recent 
>information about certain topics can be found on the internet. So bascially 
>I am useing the news servers and other resources of the internet to greater
> extend my knowledge of the subject at hand.

If you do know quite a bit about the temporal lobes, why didn't you specify
exactly what kind of information you were interested in?  If it was the
most recent information, why didn't you say that?  The neural systems in
the various areas of the temporal lobes are involved in very different kinds
of processing (object recognition, audition, long-term memory).  Asking about
the temporal lobes is like asking about the whole brain.

I agree with Frank -- I find it very annoying when people make posts like 
"give me info about X", where X is some huge topic like "cognition", "memory",
"the brain", etc.

Kevin Spencer
Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory and Beckman Institute
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