The brain: a neutral network

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Sat Aug 30 01:19:26 EST 1997

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>For two years now, I have been exploring the notion that the most
>important product of our brain - imagination - could well be an effort to
>*neutralize* our sensory input, preventing it from penetrating the neural
>networks of our brain. The results include a computer program that can
>effectively construct such a network and a number of (in my opinion)
>interesting observations that I will discuss in the introduction below.
>o This model has been presented in the Gronics'97 conference
>   article: "Feedback in Knowledge-Oriented Neural Networks"
>   Available at
>o Source code (Macintosh only) on request: mervyn at

I know where you are coming from and would agree at a fundamental
level with your statements.  Others are not likely to be in a position to
why you are saying what you are saying so it may be difficult to
suggest improvements.

A model can yield praticial suggestion, functional explainations, and
experiential components.

Perhaps this might suggest additional input you could provide the

Ron Blue

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