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Alleged "Ufo" "Abductions" are only HALLUCINATIONS.

Claude de Contrecoeur* cyrano at twics.com
Sun Feb 2 19:21:01 EST 1997

The USA has been submerged by bizarre accounts of "Ufo abductions"
since the publishing of a book called "The Interrupted journey",more
than 20 years ago.

This  book gave the impetus for others to believe in such crazy
Movies such as the grotesque and childhish "X-Files" only spread these

"Ufo" "abduction" became popular folklore in the USA,a country where
some people have lots of difficulties to distinguish between reality
and their imagination!

The scientific study of hallucinations and consciousness(see:

http://dog.net.uk/claude     )

demonstrate that purported alien abductions are only hallucinatory
ALL "abductions" reports are misinterpreted phenomena
hallucinatory in nature.

Abduction-like hallucinations can be observed at least in 2

I.When one is entering sleep or waking up from sleep
2.With OPIATE hallucinogens.

In case 2 it is very typical to notice abduction-like phenomena with
the common medicine BUPRENORPHINE,an opiate agonist/antagonist.

Buprenorphinic hallucinations are often likewise:

I.You feel surrounded by ghost-like(transparent oneiric

2.They look actively busy AROUND YOU.

3.Their presence can be OVERWHELMING to the point that,if you are a
non-scientist and believes in UFOs you may think that you have been
"abducted" and explored by ETI (extraterrestrial intelligences)!!!

If you are a scientist,of course,you will just recognise that you are

The interesting scientific question is this one:

Why OPIATES(and some other hallucinogens such as D.M.T)generate
hallucinations of people surrounding you and who look concerned by

My present hypothesis is that this is linked to instinctive
pattern-recognition systems in memory which,via interaction with the
hypothalamus,stimulate the activation of M.H.V (see this word at the
URL above where you will find,somewhere,some discussion on
hallucinations and UFOs) giving rise to human 3D images.

I think those peculiar stereotyped hallucinations are worthy of
scientific research.

Note:NMDA receptors antagonists give also hallucinations of
"surrounding presences" but,in that case,they are interpreted
differently by the person who experiences such hallucinations!
However,basically,these hallucinations are similar to buprenorphine


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