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$10 Million Project Seeks Proposals

Paul Wakfer 70023.3041 at compuserve.com
Mon Feb 10 01:31:05 EST 1997

Recent developments in cryobiological research suggest that the
time is now right to begin a concerted effort to achieve and perfect
fully reversible long-term suspended animation of humans. Seven months
ago a pledge campaign was begun to test the feasibility of funding the
first ten years of such a project. Without detailed plans and with no
promotional budget, the Prometheus Project, as it is now called, has
garnered pledges of over $350,000 per year for a total of $3,500,000
over the initial ten years of the Project. The Project organizers are
confident that once more detailed scientific and business plans are
available, the pledge total, and the subsequent purchase of shares in a
for-profit corporation to be formed for this purpose, can soon be
increased to the full $1 million per year that the Project is estimated
to require during its initial phase.

     Current plans for the Project entail pursuing a program to
cryopreserve the central nervous system (CNS) for the first ten years
probably based on the technique of vitrification. (For information on
vitrification of organs see:


The convincing demonstration of the reversible cryopreservation and
revival of the mammalian CNS with intact mental faculties, and the
publication of this success in a peer reviewed journal, should provide
additional feasibility that perfected whole-body suspended animation
can be achieved. With this achievement funding for the full suspended
animation project should be obtainable. Even during the first ten
years, once research begins and interim results are obtained, it should
be possible to increase our funding, if necessary, so that all goals
can be achieve sooner. Our overall funding aim is to raise whatever
money is necessary to perfect CNS cryopreservation within 10 years and
suspended animation within 20.
     We believe that once suspended animation is perfected and shown to
be a reversible procedure with a patient prognosis no worse than is
currently the case with major medical operations, the medical community
will have little choice but to accept this procedure and to make it
available as an option for terminal patients whose condition is likely
to be curable in the near future. Clearly, the effect of this
development upon human culture will be nothing less than revolutionary.
Fame and fortune will likely be forthcoming to those who play a major
part in its achievement.
     All suggestions and proposals for the achievement of this goal
should be sent to me at my email or postal address shown below. A
decision concerning where the Project research will be pursued and the
what scientists will be leading the Project is expected to be made by
September or October of 1997.

Paul Wakfer

email:70023.3041 at compuserve.com phone:909-481-9620 pager:800-805-2870
1220 E Washington St #24, Colton, CA 92324


Check out the Prometheus Project web site at URL:

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