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Posterior Neck Spur Patient seeks advice

Frank Dempsey jfdemps at nmia.com
Wed Feb 5 22:44:51 EST 1997

Subject: Degenerative Disc Disease, OPTIONS, Help.
Newsgroups: sci.med.orthopedics
Organization: New Mexico Internet Access

I am a 43 year old male in reasonable good health . I am active but have
recently been suffering knumbness in my left arm, and fingers with
associated pains.

I have had an MRI done.

I have degenerative disc disease at c5 and there is less unconvertebral
joint spurring at this level, creating a moderate to severe foraminal

There is minimal central stenosis at c-6 related to posterior spurring at
this level.

Minimal left foraminal encroachment secondary to a spur at c6-7.

No other significant areas of central or foraminal stenosis throughout the
cervical spine.


Normal cord.

The question I submit Is: Shall I have surgery. Are there any other
options besides doing nothiong and excercise of the neck muscles (which I
have done) The knumbness has been with me for 4 months now. Injections??
Severity of surgery and recovery time??? This neurosurgeon I see is with
an HMO and doesn't like to do surgeries. He says this will need a bone
graph from my hip. PLEASE lend me you suggestions, ideas, comments, etc.

Gratfully, Frank Dempsey
jfdemps at nmia.com
Albuquerque NM

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