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Alleged "Ufo" "Abductions" are only HALLUCINATIONS

John E. Anderson jander at OSPREY.UNF.EDU
Mon Feb 10 22:55:42 EST 1997

Michael Babyak wrote:
> I haven't read the book cited below, so I don't know if he has included
> information about the ancient Greeks reporting a similar phenomenon.  A
> good friend of mine (a graduate student in Classics) has come across
> writings from the time that talk about abduction, though not by 'aliens,'
> but by the gods of the day.
> Robert Nicholson. (Farel at msn.com) wrote:
> : Try having a read of :
> : Schumaker, J. (1995) The Corruption of Reality: A Unified theory of
> : Religion, Hypnosis, & Psychopathology. Prometheus Books New York.
> : The author is my supervising professor. His material makes a good launching
> : pad for serious critical discussion of these issues from the perspective of
> : an informed psychology.
> : --
> : Robert J. Nicholson
> : Farel at msn.com

In his book, _The Demon-Haunted World_, Carl Sagan suggested that
today's alien abductions are hallucinations, and noted that there were
similar stories in medieval times having to do with demons instead of
aliens. The medieval demons even tended to look similar to today's
aliens: small, large heads, big eyes, etc.  I don't think he mentioned
anything about the ancient Greek abductions by gods, and they don't
generally have the look of aliens/demons, but maybe it's related.

I like the idea suggested by Sagan that these experiences are
hallucinations whose neural substrates are hard-wired into the human
brain.  The basic plots have been the same down through the ages, but
the details come from the culture of the "abductee". So the ancient
Greeks were abducted by Greek gods, people in the Church-dominated
Middle Ages were abducted by minions of Satan, and in today's
technology-oriented world the kidnappers come in flying saucers.

This is very interesting stuff.

John E. Anderson
jander at unf.edu

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