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Alleged "Ufo" "Abductions" are only HALLUCINATIONS.

Claude de Contrecoeur* cyrano at beehive.twics.com
Fri Feb 7 00:50:51 EST 1997

Le Thu, 06 Feb 1997 13:24:35 -0400,  vous ecriviez:

>In article <32f52940.1133771 at news.twics.com>, cyrano at twics.com (Claude de
>Contrecoeur*) wrote:
>> "Ufo" "abduction" became popular folklore in the USA,a country where
>> some people have lots of difficulties to distinguish between reality
>> and their imagination!
>> In case 2 it is very typical to notice abduction-like phenomena with
>> the common medicine BUPRENORPHINE,an opiate agonist/antagonist.
>Not to deny that there are plenty of delusional Americans, but the link to
>buprenorphine abuse is a non-sequitur given that the drug is very seldom
>used here. Many reported abductions in Scotland?
"Ufo" "Abductions" seems to be a typical US folklore where
Extraterrestrial Intelligences have replaced Devils and succubus or
incubus from traditional Demonology.

"Devils" were a normal part of old folklore
while "abductions" is the New folklore.

"Abductions" seems,essentially,a north-american folklore...
based on some books and some hollywoodian movies.

>Who is that Canadian researcher who links abduction phenomena to temporal
>lobe seizures, perhaps induced by plate tectonic activity?

There may be dysfunctions in temporal lobes but I doubt about the link
you mention!
>Personally, I think people are just bored.

Hmm.I think there is an element of veracity in what you say.
When you are bored a new folklore can be stimulating,indeed!!!
>smisch at tiac.net (emoticons implied by context)
>"There are no differences but differences of degree between different degrees of difference and no difference." -- William James

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