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Alleged "Ufo" "Abductions" are only HALLUCINATIONS.

Claude de Contrecoeur* cyrano at beehive.twics.com
Fri Feb 7 00:50:46 EST 1997

Le 6 fevrier8:50:00 GMT,  vous ecriviez:

>Just when bionet.neuroscience was getting boringly scientific...
>cyrano at twics.com (Claude de Contrecoeur*) writes:
>>The USA has been submerged by bizarre accounts of "Ufo abductions"
>>since the publishing of a book called "The Interrupted journey",more
>>than 20 years ago.
>>This  book gave the impetus for others to believe in such crazy
>>Movies such as the grotesque and childhish "X-Files" only spread these
>>"Ufo" "abduction" became popular folklore in the USA,a country where
>>some people have lots of difficulties to distinguish between reality
>>and their imagination!
>Says someone posting from the UK... home of the Piltdown Man, Loch Ness
>monster, House of Windsor, etc.
>>The scientific study of hallucinations and consciousness(see:
>>http://dog.net.uk/claude     )
>>demonstrate that purported alien abductions are only hallucinatory
>>ALL "abductions" reports are misinterpreted phenomena
>>hallucinatory in nature.
>What about Bigfoot sightings?  Explain those!

The Sasquatch? years ago I read a most interesting book on that topic
written by Dr Napier:The Sasquatch in Myth and Reality(if I

I have to say that what he writes lets you on your hunger!
Difficult to have an opinion on that topic because of insufficient
But his idea that the sasquatch could be Gigantopithecus(again if my
memory is correct!)warrants further studies.

I think that
on unusual things like the sasquatch,flying saucers,etc,the    
first studies should not be made by scientist but by Law Officers,like
the FBI,for instance,in the USA.
If then such Officers still have some unexplainable things then they
should forward their work to scientists.

This would be a REASONABLE attitude to follow.


note:By the way some VERY imaginative people even put a link between
Sasquatch and Flying Saucers!!!
Can you imagine such a level of fantasy?

Perhaps those ETI are only Sasquatchs coming in UFOs!!!
A complete delirium tremens!!!!
Yes...need more coffee and tranquillisers...

I think the USA needs an INFUSION of Science .
Often seen from Europe the USA looks(nowadays)like an Asylum of the
Insanes and Autistics.
Thanks to its mercantilistic values which made people so ignorant and

It seems the USA has become,alas,an OLIGARCHY not a Democracy anymore
because when the mass are so stupid and zombified to believe in such
things as "Ufo" "abductions","Bermuda triangles","New" Age,etc,then
this is very convenient for those who detain real power in the

Ignorant people cannot challenge the oligarchic power because they are
mesmerised by this power!

An Oligarchy does not care if their servants are stupid because this
is,precisely,what they need to retain power.

The USA WAS a Democracy.
Now it became a plain Oligarchy not much different from some African


>Needing more coffee today,
>Kevin Spencer
>Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory and Beckman Institute
>University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
>kspencer at p300.cpl.uiuc.edu

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